24 March, 2014

Fatal shark encounter no.8

Unfortunately, another person has been fatally wounded by a shark at Port St. John's Second Beach - the NSRI reports. He was a 72-year-old Australian at the beach as part of a tourist group. 

What is the answer to mitigate shark/human interactions in what is a wild part of South Africa's coastline? There are quite a few groups interested in doing projects in this area, but they are all hampered by the location (and fairly shite Eastern Cape government officials).  Here's hoping a local group takes charge. 

14 March, 2014

Save Our Seas - Young Photographers Grant

The Save Our Seas Foundation wants to produce more of the best underwater photojournalists on the planet, and they are putting their money where there mouth is.  If you think you've got what it takes to win $2,000 up front and then a three week PAID expedition with SOSF, and then PRESENT your work at an all expenses paid conference.... you need to apply before 30 April 2014!

More information and application materials/requirements here:  http://saveourseas.com/photogrant

Of Shark & Man

Hiatus declared officially over, and this is what brought me out of my funk...

"Of Shark and Man" Teaser Trailer 3 (Letterboxed Version) from Scarlet View Media on Vimeo.

Finally, David's film is getting the traction is so very much deserves.  It's a true story, no bullshit, no glamour, just the rare nature of an incredible place.

The viewers and the shark blogs are loving it.  Also read here, here, and honorable mention here.  

Definitely watch this space and get ready to rally behind a totally awesome project.  These things don't produce themselves, and the certainly don't pay for themselves, either.