04 December, 2013

FishLove: Nudity saves the ocean - or not.

This is a typical example of how marketing campaigns quickly spiral out of control.

Mission: Call attention to unsustainable fishing through an online campaign.
Marketing team member 1, "Sex sells!"
Marketing team member 2, "Dead sharks are a call to action!"
Marketing team member 1, "Celebrities sell!"
Marketing team member 2, "Lets take seductive portraits of naked celebrities/models with dead fish!"
Marketing team member 1, "WE'RE CRUSHING THIS!"

There's no mission on their website...
They mention 'simple solutions' to over-fishing, which are 'the right political decisions'...
And of course, there is a shop where you can buy the portraits for a few thousand/hundred euros where all proceeds are going to their mission... 

P.S. As Vicky Vásquez asks, where are they sourcing these dead fish?