30 September, 2013

White sharks and speedos - ugly for many reasons

One can always tell when the Guadalupe season is wrapping up, simply by watching The Daily Mail's news feed.  The researcher is reported to be from Pelagic Life - and I hope PL is taking the necessary steps in terminating this person from their position immediately.  Take this terrestrial example, where a guide was terminated after the video of him charging a bull elephant was released.

Know that I do not disagree with diving with sharks, and I do agree that at the right times/conditions and with the right animals, you could even dive with a white shark, but your motivations to do so must also be checked, and not everyone's motivations are so benign.  I'd go on about this, but Cristina Zenato has already done such a great job here:
"We also have what are called “red flag” motivations. Those are the thrill-seeking, defeat-danger-and-death, peer-pressure kind of motivations. So if we are honest with ourselves, what is it that pushes us outside the cage: A desire to connect? A desire to brag about it? Being able to post a picture of us next to the shark? A desire to know more?"
I am shocked that a researchers at Pelagic Life would have "I want to swim next to a white shark in a speedo so I can get on The Daily Mail" motivations...

EDIT and UPDATE:  Check out the interview with Pelagic Life over on the BAD blog.  Another terrible example of media taking advantage of a non-profit:
"Lesson learned - at an extremely high price:  Never trust sensitive underwater images/stories to someone who has absolutely no interest in what you believe in"

13 September, 2013

Japanese longliner held in South Africa for illegal fishing

Looks like the Koel Maru No.88 has gotten itself into hot water off of the Aliwal Shoal MPA.  I appreciate IOL's specific listing of what tuna species this vessel is allowed to catch... "yellowfin and bigeye tuna, as well as swordfish and shark."

Which sharks, guys?  Don't stop your investigative journalism there!  Chalk it up to yet another shournofail.

Will be very interesting to see how this develops, and track down who, exactly, got the R2million 'security' bri-hrmp... I mean... fee.