06 August, 2013

Megalodon sharks in South Africa!

At least Sharknado never tried to be taken as fact - and yes, I am having night sweats!

Discovery Channel's Shark Week has done it again by producing, Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives.  Evidently (I have not watched it myself) a fake team of fake researchers embark on a fake expedition to find the extinct shark in South Africa.  They report that a large shark capsized a boat in April 2013 outside of Hout Bay, South Africa, as part of their evidence of the animal's existence.

This would be funny if a commercial boat hadn't capsized last year outside of Hout Bay, killing two passengers.

This would be funny if Huffington Post wasn't reporting this as an actual expedition.

This would be funny if this wasn't, so far, Shark Week's highest rated show.

This also would be funny if local cage diving operators here in Gansbaai weren't receiving concerned emails about the safety of cage diving after watching the Megalodon show...

Why do we keep giving Shark Week a second chance?  When will we as conservationists and operators realize we can not keep supporting/promoting this sharkarrhea?  Tell these film crews to fuck off... like they do in Fiji!

For more facts, check out the snopes article.